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Here are some commonly asked questions.
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Be sure to get everything in writing and a signed contract. Without a contract there is no guarantee that your DJ will show up to do your function. An oversight that could ruin the entire evening.


Cost is important, but don't let it be the determining factor. If a DJ quotes you a super low rate, BEWARE; they're either new to the business and trying to fill up their calendar or have very little experience and more often than not, use inadequate equipment. Some DJ's also charge very high rates. Do your research and find out why they're prices are so high or so low. 

The average rate for a good DJ in Saskatchewan is between $600 and $700, depending on the date, event type, hours and equipment needed.


Do not risk hiring an inexperienced DJ just to save a few dollars. Usually, the cheapest means you will get an inexperienced DJ! A polished professional can calmly deal with the nervous family member, or a crowd that just won't dance, while keeping the event enjoyable. Also make sure the DJ will be experienced at YOUR type of event. Weddings and corporate events are very different from the club or high school DJ! Also, don't be afraid to ask for references. Personality Some events require heavy interaction, while others just need a DJ that will remain in the background. Most brides and grooms prefer someone in between - a moderate personality that can act as a master of ceremonies. This type of personality should be your choice. The best thing to do is tell the company what you want (in writing), then let them schedule the DJ best suited for you - after all, they know all the strengths and weaknesses of their own DJs. Then talk to your assigned DJ as your special day gets closer. Communication is the key. Always be as specific as possible regarding what you want. Words like “fun” and “good” are very subjective and you may have a different definition of each.


First off, to answer the question that is on your mind, YES!!! WE TAKES REQUESTS!!! Your event will most likely require music to satisfy all ages and musical tastes so ask about variety and the policy on requests. Your DJ should be familiar with most of the music you want and should know how to organize the event within your guidelines. Try to determine if your DJ has the ability and willingness to "read" and motivate the crowd. 


Ask for a guarantee in writing. A professional DJ will be willing to give you a guarantee. A good DJ will take the time to explain how they will handle the details of your event. They will be able to communicate well with you and should be willing to listen to your ideas and meet any special needs. Most reputable DJ's will be willing to provide you materials, song lists and informational planning sheets.


Be sure to check references and recommendations. Auditioning a DJ at a stranger's event is not usually practical. Remember, a good event is an individually customized event lasting 4 hours or more. The DJ may be providing activities and music as requested by the client and this may not be of the style or type that you require. Also, a good DJ is busy during an event and usually cannot take time out to explain what is going on and why. Some DJ's also consider it tacky to invite strangers to an event in an attempt to solicit new business. You wouldn't want that at your function.

The Perfect DJ

The perfect DJ will be affordable, experienced and have good references. He or she will know music, communicate in a friendly and helpful manner, and should be interested in what you and your guests want. A professional DJ will mix music of all types well. Your DJ should do it all with style, microphone presence and proper volume.


Does your DJ have an adequate music selection?

Does the DJ you are considering have the music knowledge and music library depth to ensure variety in music selection? Your DJ should have a library of over 5,000 titles.

Does your DJ have references?

Always check references.

Does your DJ use professional grade sound equipment?

There is a tremendous difference in quality and reliability between home stereo equipment and professional duty sound equipment. Your DJ should use nothing but the highest quality, professional sound equipment available. Only by using good equipment can you be reasonably assured of quality sound and reliable operation of the equipment.

Will your DJ guarantee you a professional service?

A good DJ should provide quality assurance to their client. They should be willing to guarantee you a professional service in writing if you should require it.

Does Your DJ Have Experience?

With experience comes confidence and knowledge. Many things can happen during an event, both expected and unexpected. A DJ's ability to handle any situation that could arise can have a profound effect on the success of an event. Of course, it is not just experience that counts but it is one important factor to consider.

Can I meet with my DJ in advance?

Normally when booking a DJ you deal directly with a booking agent or the owner of the company. Most of the time the person that you do business with will not be the person at your function. We understand that this can be frustrating. At The Mobile Monkey we will do our best to set-up either a face to face meeting with your DJ or a courtesy phone call prior to your wedding, if it is requested.

How Soon Do I Reserve DJ Services?

Although it is never too early to reserve a DJ for your wedding, there are recommended time frames in which to do so. Keep in mind, the peak months sell out the quickest; so don't be left stranded. Gather all of your information well in advance of your wedding day in order to make the most informed decision. The following are guidelines as to when to reserve your DJ:

If your wedding is in:
May, June, September, October, December 
8-12 months in advance 
April, July, August, November 
6-8 months in advance 
January, February, March 
4-6 months in advance

Do I Tip a DJ?

At the end of the evening, if you feel that our service was worthy of a gratuity, then that will be your option to tip the DJ - not a requirement. We don't add on a standard gratuity like many caterers or service related professionals do. Tips are given because you are satisfied with the service, not because someone puts it in their contract.  The standard tip for a DJ is 10% which usually comes to around $50.00. 

Can The DJ Stay Longer?

If the end of your dance is approaching, and the crowd is still wanting more, you may decide to keep going a little longer. This is completely at the discretion of your DJ and the location at which you are holding your event. Many DJs will be may be willing to stay overtime for a fee as long as long as the location allows it. Just ask!

Will the DJ Have The Songs I want?

Your dj will go over some song choices with you before your event.  If there are specific versions you wish to hear, just let him know, or you are certainly welcome to bring him a disc of the songs you wish to hear.

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